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Post-Up Stand’s Product of the Week: Aluminum Banner Rod Set

Looking for a unique, affordable hanging ceiling banner system that will surely attract attention to your trade show booth or retail store message? Post-Up Stand’s Aluminum Banner Rod Set kit is the perfect solution. The set includes top and bottom pole pockets on the banner and two metal rods to suspend the banner.

All The Info You Need Before Choosing A Vinyl Banner

About to order a vinyl banner for your next expo or community festival? You should know the types of vinyl banners and their uses before you make the final decision. Generally, vinyl is used to create outdoor banners, but it can also be perfect for indoor banners if you’re looking for a long lasting advertising option.

What Kind Of Banner To Choose: Vinyl Or Fabric?

Nowadays, banners are one of the most popular solutions used in fairs, markets, trade shows and almost any kind of event that generally involves a crowd of visitors. Banners were used even in the medieval days to decorate certain events such as tournaments, ceremonies and competitions, as well as to represent warriors in the battlefields.

5 Great Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Searching for outdoor advertising ideas for your business? You may think that outdoor advertising is not as effective as marketing in your store, but you may be surprised.

If you are located on a busy street, every person that passes by your business could be a potential customer. If you aren’t currently advertising toward this market, you could be missing huge opportunities.

Banner Stand Applications: Restaurant Displays

If you’re not attending a trade show in the upcoming future, what need do you have for a banner display stand? Don’t limit your creativity! You might be surprised by all the applications for trade show displays from Post-Up Stand.