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Removable Wall Decals Will Brighten Up Any Room

Changing up the color and design of any wall involves either painting the surface or hanging up wallpaper. The same process can apply to large portable backdrops for trade show display booths. While the end result can look quite pleasing, it’s also fairly permanent and takes noticeable work to change. Over time, paint and wallpaper can also chip, fade, peal or otherwise show signs of wear. Removable walls decals provide an excellent alternative that’s easily removable as well as visually appealing.

Display a Timeline of your Company’s History with a Removable Wall Decal

Want your customers to realize that your restaurant has lasted 40 years in the ever-changing and often competitive food industry? Need to illustrate the evolution of your small business with a depiction of the history of your brand? Let the public know the numerous years your company or organization has endured with a custom timeline that details your past and projects into the future. Print a timeline of important events and figures of your café, university or museum with a custom printed removable wall decal from Post-Up Stand.