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Retail Banner Stands 101

Retail_shop_istockUsing effective retail signage enables retailers from boutiques and high-end department stores alike to draw more customers into their store and make the shopping experience more enjoyable for the consumers. From advertising a limited-time store-wide sale to welcoming new clients into the facility, retail banner stands, especially retractable and telescopic displays, can gain attention for any promotional message.

How to Select the Best Retractable Banner Stand

47x80_Pet_Clinic_banner_standFrom creating an eye-catching booth exhibit at a crowded trade show to featuring a special in-store promotional space at your boutique, retractable banner stands are the go-to signage option for many marketers and exhibitors. Pull up banners are sought after by experienced and new exhibitors alike because they are portable, lightweight and involve a fool-proof assembly process. The options for style and size are nearly endless when it comes to retractable displays. This begs the question, “How do you find the custom retractable banner stand that is best for you?” Be sure to take into consideration your display space, allotted budget and professional style when choosing the perfect custom banner stand for you and your brand.

Cleveland Hotel Banners and Signage for the 2016 RNC

Hotel_2_istockWith tens of thousands of visitors swarming to Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention, local businesses have the opportunity to see a drastic increase in sales before, during and after the event. Downtown hotels will be fully booked if the facilities have effectively ramped up their marketing efforts in the months leading up to the convention. Hotel banners can make your hotel easier to find, as well as conveniently direct traffic around and within your facility. Printed hotel signage for both indoor and outdoor areas is necessary for hotels that wish to take advantage of the large flow of delegates, politicians, media members and campaign supporters into the city.

Trade Show Branding: Be Clear, Concise and Creative

Blank-booth-istockDistinguishing your company from your competition on a crowded trade show floor can be a daunting task. You want your brand to become recognizable to your audience, whether you are a long-established business or start-up company. Your trade show booth should be reflective of your branding efforts so far and clearly showcase what your business is all about to your audience. If convention attendees don’t immediately realize what products or services your brand offers, they will walk on by without ever knowing what your business can do for them.

Effective Signage To Promote Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you probably know that you’re in a fiercely competitive field in which the failure rate for new eateries is unfortunately quite high. To ensure that your café or diner is noticed by hungry potential customers and steadily draws in a loyal client base, advertising signage outside and inside your place is a necessity. Post-Up Stand carries a wide selection of indoor table banners, outdoor vinyl banners and fabric flags, to ensure your restaurant is getting the attention it deserves to not only survive, but thrive, in such a difficult business.

Your printed banners can feature your restaurant’s name, logo, meal images or a special promotion you are marketing to drive an audience into your eatery. A simple “open” message or a list of your hours of operation can also effectively encourage customers to step in.